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🔥 Industry, SIC or NAICS

🔥 Location by City, State, Zip or Area Code

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What is the pricing?

✨500 contacts = $450

✨1,000 contacts = $900

✨2,500 contacts = $1,900 (16% off)

✨5,000 contacts = $3,400 (24% off)

✨10,000 contacts = $6,400 (29% off)

✨25,000 contacts = $14,750 (34% off)

What is the process exactly?

1. Tell us exactly who you want to target

2. Choose how many contacts you want for your campaign

3. Make a payment

4. Receive your list in 72 hours or less

5. Drive results from your new campaign

Do your lists include shipping addresses for direct mail?

Yes, they do.

Do your lists include phone numbers?

Yes, they do.

How long does it take to receive my list?

Lead lists under 10,000 prospects take 72 hours to complete. Rest assured, we'll let you know if it might take a bit longer.

How can I be sure your lists drive results?

Our prospect lists are run through multiple layers of verification, accounting for our industry-leading 95% accuracy rate.

Not only that, but we pull from 5 premium data sources that are updated weekly to ensure the most up-to-date information.

Of course, a prospect list is only as good as your understanding of your ideal customer and their buying process. To maximize results, be as specific as possible about who would be the perfect fit for your campaigns.

What do you mean by "Prospect" or Lead?

In this case, a "sales prospect", sometimes called a "lead", is a single contact that falls within your qualifications.

This would usually be a decision maker at companies that fit your ideal customer profile.

It could also be a list of distributors, possible referral partners, or any person you want to get in front of.

How can I use these lists?

There are limitless options of how to use your prospect lists, but here are a few of our favorites:

🎉 Create a Custom Audience in Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or AdRoll and get better CPL's from your ad campaigns

🎉 Generate appointments with your prospects by sending problem-solving cold emails

🎉 Upload your list to LinkedIn automation software and build out your business network with ideal prospects who can now see your content

🎉 Cold call the list to generate warm appointments

🎉 Send direct mail to your prospect and stand out among the crowd

What data points can you deliver?

We can collect Name, Email, Phone, Address, Company Name, Position in Company, and optionally, LinkedIn Profile Link.

We can also target companies that have a certain revenue, certain technology, are hiring/expanding, and many more 'sales triggers' that make your prospects more likely to purchase your solution.

If you have a list (of company names, let's say) and need to fill it out with the rest of the data, go ahead and chat with us.

Are there any info@, office@ emails included?

We do not deliver any "catch-all" email addresses like info@, sales@, office@, etc. We've found that deliverability on these emails is poor.

And they generally go to a gatekeeper, who's job is to screen inquiries. We focus on weekly-updated personal email addresses of business contacts.

Can I get a free sample?

We do not give free samples, but we do offer your first list of 200 contacts for $99 to show you the quality of our lists. Reach out via live chat in the bottom right corner.

How do you compare to other list building services?

Other providers are pulling from 1 or 2 databases, many of which don't have up-to-date data and the results reflect this. This results in a high bounce rate (read: less value than you paid for). That or it's a high monthly rate for a bespoke list building tool that you have to use and train your team to use.

We make building a qualified list of business prospects easy, convenient, and fast, so you can get to running your campaigns and driving results - not worrying about where to get a list.

What's the advantage over hiring a VA?

Do you have a defined, repeatable process for building lists? If not, a VA won't do you much good in the long-term. They all pull from the same free and paid sources. Many of which are not updated weekly. Plus, the variable costs don't help at all. You end up paying for their hours, not the results you want.

Can you help me run our campaigns?

Absolutely. Chat with our team directly by clicking the green button in the lower righthand corner if you have any questions.

Also, when ordering a list, you can optionally upgrade to our managed services to boost your sales prospecting and put it on autopilot.

Finding your target market should be easy and fast.

72 hour delivery / quality guarantee

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